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The Jeremiah Trust was established in 2003 by the founders Steven and Emma Dunne. The trust was formed out of a sincere desire to change the unusually high abortion rates in New Zealand. Steven and Emma presently reside in Nelson, New Zealand with their eight children. Some of their children are adopted and they are prepared to adopt any child, from any background, race or disability that was destined for abortion. They are active foster carers and speakers around New Zealand. Steve is principal of Fire School of Ministry, NZ, a school committed raising up a generation of radical JESUS followers for the coming JESUS revolution. For more information go to Facebook (for more information see https://www.facebook.com/thejeremiahtrust).

The purpose of the trust is to provide some tangible options for every unwanted pregnancy in New Zealand.

    • Some of the ways this is achieved is:
      1. Legal fees providing potential parents to adopt unwanted children.
      2. Advertising for unwanted children to NOT be aborted but to be received in adoption
      3. Support for Mothers and Fathers who are prepared to keep a child and carry a pregnancy full term instead of an abortion.
      4. To train prospective parents and provide training seminars, one off teaching on issues of LIFE.
      5. To provide financial support for orphans in various countries including New Zealand, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Philippines and India.


Pregnant? Unsure what to do? 18000
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